Paul Nicholson – Exclusive Buyers Agent (Christchurch)

Paul Nicholson NZ Buyers Agent

Paul Nicholson is a licensed professional buyer’s agent who lives and breathes Christchurch real estate and specialises in searching, evaluating, and negotiating the purchase of property in Canterbury and will provide you with earlier and wider access to properties for sale than you will be able to achieve yourself.

He is trusted with your best interests at heart to act on your behalf and will make sure that you get the inside knowledge. Paul can leverage his network to connect you with focused opportunities, often ahead of others in the market. His vast local property market knowledge will put you at an instant and distinct advantage. The pick of the properties often does not even make it onto the open market or sell within hours of buyers becoming aware of them.

Paul Nicholson’s knowledge and success in Canterbury real estate comes from having worked for two of Christchurch’s major real estate companies. This underlies his extensive experience with a range of professionals involved in the real estate process, meaning you are in very capable hands.

Paul Nicholson has a wide knowledge and understanding of the Christchurch environment and lifestyle having moved here after finishing Otago University. His three children have attended excellent primary, intermediate, and secondary schools and are now at Canterbury University and overseas. Paul has coached a range of sports teams and has played sport to national level. Paul’s wife was a landscape architect and now works in early childcare. Paul and his family live in and love Canterbury.

Before working in real estate, Paul was a secondary teacher at a leading Christchurch school and before this was involved in the management of a major sports and recreation facility in Canterbury. Paul has owned investment properties and a hospitality business in the Christchurch CBD.

You will love Paul’s approach to finding your next home or investment property, due to his determined, intelligent, and understanding style which will see you achieve your next real estate investment.

Contact Paul now for a free, no-obligation consultation on your property investment requirements.

Paul Nicholson – Exclusive Buyers Agent

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