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At NZ Buyers Agents we know the complexities involved in investing in property from overseas. Whether you are returning home, relocating to New Zealand or Overseas Buyers considering an investment in NZ and need to gain an understanding of the market, NZ Buyers Agents can help you at every step of the decision process.

We cover the entire property industry from the residential sector to the commercial and industrial sector to the elite country estate.

We are Exclusive buyers agents in New Zealand

Using an Exclusive Buyers Agent will save you time and money. We make sure that any decision is based on thorough Due Diligence.

We will:

  • Invite you to a free phone consultation so you can assess whether you are comfortable about working with NZ Buyers Agents
  • Search all areas that fit your requirements, lifestyle, and budget
  • Inspect all properties that fit your list of criteria
  • Research and report on each selected property, based on recent sales in the area and other industry reports, to ensure you will be paying the best price possible
  • Negotiate price, terms, and conditions directly with the seller or real estate agent
  • Bid at auction on your behalf
  • Arrange building and pest inspections, strata reports, digital photos or videos, solicitors, conveyancers, powers of attorney, and valuers
  • Source mortgage funding, advise, and analyse funding options

If you are purchasing an investment property, we can also help you find a tenant and arrange management of your property for you.

Invest in New Zealand as a Non-Resident

Can overseas buyers buy a property in New Zealand? Yes they can.

From October 2018 restrictions were imposed on foreign investment for existing residential property (excepting New Zealand, Australian, or Singaporean Citizens), there is no restriction on commercial investment.

For foreign investors or overseas buyers for whom English is a second language, we have French, Mandarin, and Indian Associates who can help.

If you are an overseas person, you can buy apartments off the plans in large apartment developments. You can buy an apartment without consent if you are purchasing off the plans in a building with an exemption certificate. You cannot live in the apartment, but you can rent it out and get returns on your investment.

Overseas Buyers can buy individual units that are leased back to a hotel company without the need for consent

Commonly known as Serviced Apartment, this type of investment is particularly suitable for a non-resident investor. Indeed, it offers solid rental guarantees, an affordable entry price and a minimum of management constraints. In most cases, the owner can benefit from a free right of stay in the property in which he has purchased.

To find out more about buying lease-back units in hotels or lodges as an investment in New Zealand contact us or you can visit LINZ website.

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Overseas Buyers have the opportunity to purchase apartments off the plans in large apartment developments

This option allows individuals from abroad to invest in New-Zealand real estate before its completion.

Buying off the plans refers to purchasing a property that is still in the construction phase. It offers several advantages for overseas buyers, such as the ability to secure a property at current market prices, potential capital growth during the construction period, and flexibility in choosing from available options within the development.

Large apartment developments often cater to various preferences and budgets, providing a range of apartment sizes, layouts, and amenities. Overseas buyers can benefit from this diversity by selecting an apartment that suits their specific needs, requirements and budget.

It is important for overseas buyers to understand any legal restrictions or regulations regarding foreign ownership of real estate in New Zealand. They should also consider engaging professional advice from experts such as lawyers or buyers agents who specialize in working with international clients.

Overall, buying property in New Zealand or an apartments off the plans in large apartment developments can be an attractive option for overseas individuals seeking investment opportunities. 

It is important to understand that to buy property in New Zealand is an opportunity which is subject to conditions. Indeed any international buyer must make the investment before construction of the apartment is complete. Also the buyer cannot live in the apartment, but do not need to on-sell it.

For further information on eligibility or to help you find a suitable “foreigner friendly” property, we suggest you contact us for a no-obligation discussion as to the options.

Approval may be required by the Overseas Investment Commission for the following categories:
  • Rural land outside a city boundary that is more than 5 hectares (12.3 acres)
  • Existing residential homes
  • Non-residential waterfront/coastal land
  • Land considered to be of historic significance

For a more detailed explanation of New Zealand’s overseas investment office policy, visit the NZ Overseas Investment Office.

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