Residential Real Estate Service

Many years of experience, negotiating hundreds of properties are put to work for you:

  1. We represent only you the buyer, not the seller, so we offer completely impartial advice.
  2. You are swayed by emotion. We’re not. We act on thorough analysis to ensure your purchase is a great buy whether it’s your home or an investment.
  3. We know the hot spots before they’re warm. We have an ear for silent listings. We cover all angles to find the perfect property for you.
  4. We do the research, handle the appraisal, due diligence, negotiate the best price, we can even arrange your mortgage… leave it all to us.
  5. We save you time, effort and potentially thousands of dollars to make the buying process stress-free, enjoyable and rewarding.
Residential Real Estate Service NZ Buyers Agent

To find the 5 homes we show you, we will likely see and analyse 50.

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