Alex Thebault – Exclusive Buyers Agent (# 1 Auckland)

Alex Thebault NZ Buyers Agent

Born and raised in France, Alex Thebault settled in Auckland in 2012. With a master’s degree in economics, he has been in the real estate business for over a decade and is passionate about property as a vehicle for investment. Alex is a successful property buyer working on behalf of on-shore and off-shore-based investors. With over 250+ transactions, Alex gained practical knowledge making him excel in matching people with properties.

Alex Thebault has a great appreciation and understanding of the NZ property market. His experience best serves his buyers, before, during, and long after the purchase. He uses his market insight and eye for quality, as well as value, to help facilitate the smoothest real estate experience possible for his clients. He is self-driven, organised, creative, and passionate about helping clients find their future properties.

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Alex Thebault – Exclusive Buyers Agent

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