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Use Your Heart and Our Head! Invest to Rest!

The primary concern today for those looking to invest for their future IS THIS A WISE INVESTMENT?  IS IT A SAFE INVESTMENT?

There are many charlatans peddling overpriced investments with poor returns and then charging an outrageous management fees. Even the honest ones have lost control in these unpredictable times, often with the same result: THEY LOSE YOUR MONEY.

Some people place their funds in low return bank deposits or purchase gold.

So where do you find a safe investment that you control and that produces a good return without negative gearing, an investment that has only risen in value in any 5-year period over the last 100+ years?  Have a glance at our HISTORIC REALTY page, you may be surprised.

Investing in property before the Global Financial Crisis was encouraged by numerous so called property gurus, television programmes, investment seminars. The ‘property ladder’ was the key to success in life. However:-

a) you bought on the upward cycle and in a buoyant market with lots of competition and thus higher prices
b) once the market peaked the value of your investment could decline
c) interest rates meant that your investment was negatively geared and therefore had to be subsidised by other income. What might happen if that income was affected in any way, for example by redundancy, illness?

The market has now turned again and is once more on an upward cycle to the point where in Auckland at least is overheated. Interest rates are still at a low for New Zealand. However it is now far more difficult to ‘smart buy’ in a buoyant market with the majority of properties being either auctioned or listed as ‘price by negotiation’. Our service will steer you through this daunting process by ensuring:-

a) You don’t overpay for a property purchase.
b) obtain mortgage finance at an interest rate that is fully serviced by the rental income – positively or at least neutrally geared to lower any future risk.
c) be self-supporting if anything untoward happens with your other sources of income.
d) remain in full control of your investment (managed if you wish).

Our investor service will ensure you can feel comfortable with your investment. Our advice is unbiased, we have no affiliation with any of the investments, and we receive no payment for any investments we recommend other than our fee to you, the buyer.

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